Monthly Archives: February 2014

We like: Goat Simulator

This has absolutely nothing to do with me, Noice or c64, but its all about goatpower and goats with extreme skills…and paralyzed tongues. This might very well be the greatest game in history.

Here you can read more and pre-order:

Noice Kick Assembler memory viewer is out!

Our web based Kick Assembler memory viewer is now available here.

It can be used it to get a visual display of the memory map output from Kick Assembler. You can display up to 4 different memory maps at a time, which means you can compare and analyze different maps. Soon we will hopefully add the ability to compare 2 or more maps and get a visual display of overlaps/collisions.

We use this tool during linking of our demos, to find memory collisions and make reallocation decisions.

New Noice c64 demo

Noice attended the datastorm 2014 demoparty and participated in the C64 demo compo with Goats who stare at men. The competition was hard and we ended up in 6th place.

If you like to watch it, we recommend you use the Vice emulator, or even better, real c64 hardware, but you can also watch it on YouTube.

The party was truly great with loads of really awesome releases. Huge thanks goes to both organizers and participants.