Noice Tasm to Kick Assembler Converter


The Noice Turbo Assembler to Kick Assembler converter is a web based tool used for converting old c64 Turbo Assembler soucre code files to Kick Assembler format, probably imported with TMPView. Most stuff used on real c64 turbo assembler should work. Newer stuff like macros does not work for now.



The Noice Turbo Assembler to Kick Assembler converter is available here.



Feedback/requests is welcome.

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  1. Swoffa;

    Any chance you could upgrade it?

    Conditional assembly;
    .if -> #IF
    .ifeq -> #IF variable = 0

    .else -> #else

    .fi -> #endif

    More complex

    name .macro
    lda #\1 ;first parameter

    #name 23 ;call macro


    .macro name(parameter1) {
    lda #parameter1


  2. .comment -> ./*
    .endc -> */

  3. .byte, .word and all these need to be lower case

  4. Thanks for poosting this

  5. “[File was too large for preview window]”

    That message indicates that it could be possible to download the file, but there is no such feature as I see it. Any chance that could be implemented?

  6. KickAssembler doesn’t support this, which TurboAssembler does:

    .text $07,”@abcdefg”

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