Kick Assembler (C64), Installation guide for Linux

Installation guide for Linux (Ubuntu)

I am a complete lamer when it comes to linux, which might or might not make this guide lame. Anyways, it is successfully tested on Ubuntu 14.

  1. Ensure Java Runtime Environment is installed, if not, look here, or install via ppa using this guide
  2. Download Kick Assembler, extract anywhere and ensure the full path to KickAss.jar exist in your CLASSPATH environment variable
  3. Download/build/install Vice c64 emulator, i followed this guide. Ensure the path to the Vice folder (containing x64) exist in your PATH environment variable
  4. Download and install Sublime Text, or install via ppa using this guide
  5. Install Sublime package Kick Assembler (C64) in one of the following ways:
    1. Using package control: Install Package Control for Sublime and install package Kick Assembler (C64)
    2. Manual Install: Download, extract and copy extracted folder KickAssembler (C64) into folder ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/User/.

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