A blog mostly related to c64-coding and the demo scene.

The goat responsible is Swoffa of Noice, aka Simon Oskarsson, demo-coder and one of the founders of the demo group noice, started in 1989.

For demos and such by noice, see Noice on CSDB or Noice on Pouet.net. The official noice web site noice.org has been down for some years now due to catastrophic hard disk crashes, maybe som day it will be back.


  1. Christian / Rocket

    Nice to see some activity about Noice again =)

    It was good times back in the 90´s


  2. It sure was Rocket… =) Remember a great deal of awesome Graphics from you. And of course from Ranger and Stasi too… Noice had some very talented guys back in the day.


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