Version 1.3.1 of Kick Assembler package for Sublime

Changes in this version:

  • New feature: Segment support
    • Using the new build annotations feature to configure which file/segment to start
    • Use build annotation startup-file to configure startup file:
      // @kickass-build "file-to-run": "filename.prg"
    • More on build annotations below
    • If you use setting for custom kickass_run_command_xx or kickass_debug_command_xx commands, you will need to update them to use this feature, since the way to describe the prg-file has changed
    • Issue #33 reported by Pontus Berg

Full version history here.

See this page for all info about the Kick Assembler (64) package. The page contains everything from feature description to detailed install instructions.

The file-to-run build annotation

Build annotations is a new thing introduced in this version (1.3.1). Build annotations are meta info used by the Kick Assembler (64) sublime package to customize building, starting and debugging.

To add build annotations, simply put // @kickass-build followed by annotations on the first line of your “build startup file”. Which file is the “build startup file” depends on some things, if you use the Build and run command it is always the currently active file, but if you use the Build and run startup command, it is a file named Startup.asm (or another file name configured by the kickass_startup_file_path setting) in the same folder as the currently active file.

For now, only one annotation is supported; file-to-run, which tells the build system which prg-file to start (in Vice, C64Debugger or other configured run/debug tool). This is mostly useful when working with segments.

Using file-to-run will look like this:
// @kickass-build "file-to-run": "filename.prg"
Just replace filename.prg with the name the prg-file you want to start.

See below for a more complete code example. The “file” uses two segments and two corresponding prg-files, the Kick Assembler (64) sublime package will not know which one of them to start. The file-to-run annotation will configure which prg to start.

// @kickass-build "file-to-run": "StartupSegment.prg"

.segment Startup [outPrg="StartupSegment.prg"]
inc $d020
jmp *-3

.segment Another [outPrg="AnotherSegment.prg"]
inc $d021
jmp *-3

With Vice you can even start files on D64-disks with syntax
// @kickass-build "file-to-run": "diskFilename.d64:prgname" (prg filename should typically be lower case without prg-extension)

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