Version 1.3.4 of Kick Assembler package for Sublime

Changes in this version:

  • Fix: Using full paths for Vice (x64) commands
    • Since version 3.5 of Vice for macOS does not handle relative paths well
    • Issue #64 reported by John Cook
  • New feature: Segment support
    • Put startup-file annotation on first line of a file to configure which file to compile for “startup commands”:
      // @kickass-build "startup-file": "filename.asm"
    • Has precedence over setting kickass_startup_file_path
    • More on build annotations below

Also, changes in version 1.3.3:

  • Fix: Changed the default (Vice) executable path for run and debug, since Vice executable is now located in the bin sub folder. The old path also works.

Full version history here.

See this page for all info about the Kick Assembler (64) package. The page contains everything from feature description to detailed install instructions.

The startup-file build annotation

startup-file build annotation tells the build system which file to compile whenever startup commands are used (Build and run startup and Build and debug startup), similar to setting kickass_startup_file_path. The build annotation has precedence over setting kickass_startup_file_path.

Using startup-file will look like this:
// @kickass-build "startup-file": "filename.asm"
Just replace filename.asm with the name of the source file you want to compile for startup commands.

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  1. anthonyjclarke

    Only way I could fix my lack of launching x64sc – despite meticulously following all instructions on path, name, location etc was from the advice of Dave Davenport in the KickAsm FB page where I “pasted the KickAss settings into the user settings after the [ “Vintage”] and added a comma after the end bracket. Then I altered the “kickass_run_path”: “Applications/vice/””. This worked!

    • Sorry for slow answer. Good you found a solution.

      The path not working has to with “path scoping”. It is solvable and I will post a link when back from vacation trip.

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