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We are demo


We are demo is the new C64 demo by Noice, Fairlight and Offence. It is participating in the Old School demo compo at the Revision demo party.

You can watch it on YouTube, or download it from Csdb and run it in the Vice C64 emulator.

Update: Yay! We ended up as #1 in the compo. See all results here

GoatLight, new Noice+Fairlight+Offence c64 demo

Noice is attending the Revsion 2015 demo party, which so far has been an absolute kicker.

Together with Fairlight and Offense we have released a new c64 demo called GoatLight, which participated in the oldskool demo compo. The voting ends tomorrow, so the results are not known at this point. Very exiting!

To watch the demo, you can use the Vice emulator, or even better, real c64 hardware: You can also watch it on YouTube.

New Noice c64 demo

Noice attended the datastorm 2014 demoparty and participated in the C64 demo compo with Goats who stare at men. The competition was hard and we ended up in 6th place.

If you like to watch it, we recommend you use the Vice emulator, or even better, real c64 hardware, but you can also watch it on YouTube.

The party was truly great with loads of really awesome releases. Huge thanks goes to both organizers and participants.