Version 1.3.0 and 1.2.5 of Kick Assembler package for Sublime

Two new versions released since the last blog post, see below for the details:

Changes in version 1.3.0:

  • New feature: Integrating the KickAss Tooltips pluign
    Shows documentation when hovering over opcodes, vic-registers, sid-registers and some kick assembler directives. More documentation to come.
    Thanks to @brushesm and @ogt2 for this.
  • New feature: Default commands for C64Debugger
    Use of C64Debugger thru the kickass_run_path or kickass_debug_path settings
    is now detected and a custom command is used to start C64Debugger.
    The command will use symbols and breakpoints (4.x breakpoints) from Kick Assembler, see note below.
    Thanks to @arekbr for suggestion and to @BroneCk for help implementing
  • New setting kickass_env to add environment variables when building
    These variables has precedence over other environment variables with the same names. Mostly useful for prebuild, postbuild and make commands
    Suggested by @og2t, details: #22
  • A warning is now shown if settings cannot be loaded when a build is requested, asking the user to restart Sublime.
    This should avoid some strange errors after updating, or switching between cloned and package control install modes.
  • New settings for detailed customization of compile, run and debug commands:
    Hopefully I will write a more detailed blog post about this later.
    Thanks to @arekbr for suggestion and to @BroneCk for help implementing
  • Verified basic Kick Assembler 5 support (Kick Assembler 4.x still supported)
    Both old ( break() ) and new ( .break ) breakpoints can be used.
    Using the default segment works, better support for multi segment things will be added later.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

It is possible to use the new dbg-files created by Kick Assembler 5 in C64Debugger (version 0.64.56).
Just add this setting to your user settings.
"kickass_args": "-debugdump"
And C64Debugger will automatically load the dbg-file.

Changes in version 1.2.5:

  • Bug fix: Preferences and settings menus now works when package is installed thru Package Control.
    Thanks Pontus Berg for reporting this
  • New Feature: Make command, assigned to key F8. Invokes a script called make.bat/
    Use setting default_make_path for setting default make path,
    make-scripts located in the current directory will take precedence,
    but if not found the default path is also checked. No default value.
    Suggested by Pontus Berg

Full version history here.

See this page for all info about the Kick Assembler (64) package. The page contains everything from feature description to detailed install instructions. It lacks updated description for the new things described above though.

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