New version of Kick Assembler package for Sublime

Version 0.7.0 of Sublime package Kick Assembler (64) is now available.

Changes in release 0.7.0:

  • Bin-folder, all results of build (prg, symbols etc.) ends up in sub folder called bin
  • Language-definition corrections:
    • New: Support for char data type (coloring)
    • Fix: Block comments on single line is now correctly colored
    • Fix: !: labels are now correctly colored
    • Fix: Coloring of List key word
    • Fix: Coloring added for GREY/LIGHT_GREY/DARK_GREY color constants
    • Fix: Various coloring issues when several commands are stacked on one line

Simply install/upgrade with package control in Sublime, or see this post for more info.

If you use the breakpoint script form this post, it is wise to upgrade to the following, due to the addition of the bin-folder. The code works with older versions of the package too.

// Code for creating the breakpoint file sent to Vice.
.var _useBinFolderForBreakpoints = cmdLineVars.get("usebin") == "true"
.var _createDebugFiles = cmdLineVars.get("afo") == "true"
.print "File creation " + [_createDebugFiles 
	? "enabled (creating breakpoint file)" 
	: "disabled (no breakpoint file created)"]
.var brkFile
.if(_createDebugFiles) {
		.eval brkFile = createFile("bin/breakpoints.txt")
		.eval brkFile = createFile("breakpoints.txt")
.macro break() {
.if(_createDebugFiles) {
	.eval brkFile.writeln("break " + toHexString(*))

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