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Kick Assembler 4 support is coming…

It has been ages since anything was posted here. Billion other great things has been happening in my life. 🙂

But, there is c64 things happening, just very slowly. In the Sublime Package, Kick Assembler (C64)Kick Assembler 4.x support is being added. If you clone from GitHub you can get some of it already, including better display of build errors in Sublime. As soon as i add some more Kick Assembler 4.x things I will update in the Sublime package.

We are demo


We are demo is the new C64 demo by Noice, Fairlight and Offence. It is participating in the Old School demo compo at the Revision demo party.

You can watch it on YouTube, or download it from Csdb and run it in the Vice C64 emulator.

Update: Yay! We ended up as #1 in the compo. See all results here

Hello goat!


This is the first post in this glog (goat log).